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Can a hot chocolate ever be good for you (Well, not just your tastebuds, that is?!)?

Answer: absolutely!


This deliciously sweet and spicey chocolate drink has been Naturopathically formulated to contain almost the same amount of iron per cup as a steak! Not only that, it contains high amounts of the relaxing mineral magnesium. Did you need another reason to drink hot chocolate?


Flavour profiles: Chocolatey, with hints of spice. Beautifully bitter (you can add your favourite sweetener if you prefer yours sweet!) with the natural sweetness of carob and cinnamon hinting through.


Ingredients: Certified organic Cacao, Carob, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Ginger powders.


**Please note this is a natural beverage, not subject to any “solublising” processes, so a layer of powdered herb will remain at the bottom of each cup. Fortune telling, anyone?! It’s your guarantee that nothing nasty went into the making of your beverage.

Spiced Cacao (Mineral Multi)

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